Nick Hu

Profile Photo I am a DPhil student at the Department of Computer Science in the University of Oxford, and I have interests in category theory and its applications to computer science. Please see my departmental webpage for more details. My CV can be found here.

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March 2024
Oxford-Topos meeting.
November 2023
Fun in the REPL, presented talk ‘Visualising program dataflow with string diagrams’. [slides]
August 2023
January 2023
Edinburgh Diagrams workshop.
July 2022
Meeting 28 of the Yorkshire and Midlands Category Theory Seminar.
Ninth Symposium on Compositional Structures.
July 2022
Federated Logic Conference 2022.
Research School on Bicategories, Categorification and Quantum Theory.
June 2022
10th Conference on Topology, Algebra, and Categories in Logic.
May 2022
Meeting 27 of the Yorkshire and Midlands Category Theory Seminar.
April 2022
22st Midlands Graduate School in the Foundations of Computing Science.
February 2022
Logic and Higher Structures.
August 2021
37th Conference on the Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics, presented paper Traced Monoidal Categories as Algebraic Structures in Prof.
July 2021
Fourth International Conference on Applied Category Theory, local organiser.
June 2021
Toposes online.
April 2021
21st Midlands Graduate School in the Foundations of Computing Science.
January 2021
2021 Quantum Group Workshop, presented talk ‘Profunctor string diagrams’. [slides]
September 2019
Fifth Symposium on Compositional Structures.
July 2019
34th Annual ACM/IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science.
September 2018
ERATO MMSD Project Camp 2018, presented poster ‘Metric probabilistic bisimulation games’.
July 2018
Federated Logic Conference 2018, student volunteer.
November 2017
EPSRC Vacation Bursary Poster Event, presented poster ‘Universal representability for graphical processing units’. [poster]
September 2017
Second International Conference on Formal Structures for Computation and Deduction.
22nd ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming, student volunteer.
January 2017
44th ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages.

Software [src]
A graphical web-based proof assistant for finitely-presented globular n-categories, written in Rust, based on the theory of associative n-categories, which combinatorially encode n-dimensional string diagrams. Terms are manipulated as slices of string diagrams in spacial projection via a point-and-click interface, and can be viewed as 2D images, an interactive 3D WebGL rendering, or a 4D interactive animation.
sd-visualiser [src]
An interactive tool for visualising string diagrams presented as hierarchical hypergraphs, written in Rust, which encode terms in a closed monoidal category and serve as a foundation for building programming languages. Terms are defined as programs, in either the implemented toy sd language or LLVM MLIR.
Miscellaneous notes

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